Which peg is yours?

Isaiah 22 As God’s spokesperson, Isaiah prophesies the end of Shebna and Eliakim’s rise; each had been part of King Hezekiah’s royal administrators. The peg illustration explains the safety or warning to the reader. Today we “hang” our most precious things in a lock box or a safety box with a key, but in Isaiah’s […]

What God has spoken, will happen.

Is 19-21 Listen up! The Lord has spoken! The lands of Egypt, Philistia, Assyria, Babylon, listen: The Lord has spoken, and it will come to pass.  To whom do you listen when the storms of life are on the horizon, when the economy is faltering, or when the gas lines are long? To whom or […]

Pride vs. Compassion

Is 16-18 The Sin of Pride They say there are two sides to every coin, which is true in these chapters. Isaiah the prophet reminds Moab and others of the consequences of pride. God will be patient just so long; then He brings about perfect justice, for He is the Lord God Almighty, and He […]

What God has said, He will do

Is 13-15 There is hope…Keep Watching! During Israel’s troubles, God sends Isaiah with a message of hope to the nation of Israel. They had been or were to be in bondage from Babylon due to their sins of complacency. God used Babylon to serve Him in disciplining them, but they went above and beyond what […]

Fear or Trust in God?

Isaiah 9 God’s Only Son The prophet Isaiah lived and served under many kings, and most were ungodly like King Ahaz. They didn’t believe God as in the former times so when war was on the horizon they lived in fear. Yet, God sent Isaiah to the king to remind him that He was still […]

God is calling; what will we answer?

Isaiah 4-6 Today, as in the time of Isaiah, what God condemns, the world celebrates. God called out a people group not because they were more numerous than all the other peoples but because they were “precious and special in His sight and He loved them.” [Is 43:4a] He set standards for them to be […]

There is a godly remnant!

Isaiah 1-3 Headlines! Are you encouraged or discouraged when reading today’s news headlines? Imagine being Isaiah and being called to be God’s living “newspaper reporter” to the kingdom of Judah. Isaiah was to report the news just as God revealed it, and he did. God noted that the kingdom had fallen far from the ideal […]

Messiah Loves You!

SoS 5-8 The Groom/King comes to seek His bride, but she has not prepared herself for him. (One author said perhaps she has a headache 😉 ) As we read this, we are reminded of the parable of the ten virgins. Five were wise and collected oil for when the groom would come for her, but […]

His Banner over me is LOVE

Song of Solomon 1- Just like we hang a banner outside to announce to passersby a home’s theme, God’s Banner, which reads “LOVE,” hangs over us to show that inside are those who belong to the Savior. How beautifully is the banner that reveals God’s untarnished and pure love for His own. Solomon, as the […]