The Wheels of Justice

God's system of justice

Deut 17-20 Our US system of justice follows these patterns that Moses gave the Israelites. Just like then, so today, we must not judge a person based on the evidence of one witness but rather have at least two. This is impartial judging and brings forth truth rather than what is false.

Any death is a tragedy, but those that occur without a witness are even more so. At that time, just as now, a person was presumed innocent until proven guilty.  That is why Moses set aside several cities of refuge where a person could flee in those times when there were no witnesses. How gracious is our God to provide these places where one could flee and live unharmed until the truth could be revealed.  Those cities were also a place where even a true murderer could flee, but if and when the truth revealed that this person was certainly guilty, then the avenger could go and get him with a “posse” and bring him to justice.

God is concerned about a person’s life and reputation. God is honored when we listen and obey our judicial system.  

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