“Be God’s Witnesses”

Acts 1 “Certainly the sovereign Lord does nothing without first revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.”[Amos 3:7] He revealed his plan to redeem mankind. It began in Genesis and we will see from Acts 1 onward how He used men and women to reveal his plan. God’s plan was to send his only begotten son because: “He does not wish […]

Father Forgive….

Mark carries us through the drama of the last day of our Savior and reveals to us each person who has the same opportunity we have: to accept or reject the King of the Jews as The Messiah. Open your ears to hear. Open your eyes to see, but mostly listen and look into your […]

Chapter Two: From Heaven to Earth

Today as part of our year’s reading of the NT, Psalms and Proverbs,  we begin the study of the book of Acts. Of all of the NT authors, Dr. Luke is by far the most complete as to the life of Christ here on earth from his announcement to his ascension. In Luke we find Christ […]