Thankful for experts…”NOT”

Follow christ and him only

Deut 14-16 Today, we have a plethora of so-called experts on everything from climate change to the diets we are to use. “sigh” If there are any real experts, please stand up! That is where God comes in and says, listen, I am the expert, and I know what is best for you, and I created scavengers to clean the earth, but you are not to partake of them! Wisdom speaks, and it says to obey these laws so you can be free of disease.

Today are you thankful for the Word of God that is so clear and precise about such matters?

Second, there are” experts ” that live among us as if the OT is the go-to for today. So many live and would die over these laws, yet even Peter told the Jerusalem council that they could not be kept, and yet we have those “experts” today that say we must obey them.

Easter is coming, and it reminds us/me of the sacrifice of Jesus, that took away all those extraordinary laws that no one could keep! He is my Savior, and I am so thankful for the OT revealing what God requires but then the NT to see how Christ fulfilled every jot and tittle of those laws!

What “expert” are you following today? Is it someone that is a distraction from the gift of Christ?

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