Accuser meets Advocate

Ready for battle

Zechariah 3-6 Saved, Sanctified, Service
Satan is the accuser of the brethren, but we have an advocate in Jesus Christ. He was the Advocate for Joshua, the high priest in Zechariah’s time, and he is our Advocate now. Why do we need an advocate? We need one because we are just like Joshua, blackened with sin, pulled from the fire by the gracious hand of the Almighty. As we stand in our filthy clothes, we hear” “I have freely forgiven your iniquity and will dress you in fine clothing.” [Zech 3:4] After our cleansing, we are now sanctified, set apart for the work of the ministry which is our service which is to introduce the Branch who is Messiah.” [Zech 3:8] We have been transformed by His grace to go and spread the gospel message.

Satan will always be the accuser, but we are cleansed, sanctified, and saved for service until His return. Until then, we must put on our armor because the battle will be constant. Even this a.m. I was baffled by thoughts from the enemy. When that happens, I must put on the helmet of salvation and grab my sword of the Spirit. I am saved and sanctified, but to do service, I will be walking in Satan’s realm. I won’t be wrestling with flesh and blood but spiritual forces unseen by the naked eye. [Eph 6:12]

Are you experiencing a spiritual battle? How can I pray for you?

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