“The Bezalel’s and Oholiab’s”

Praising God for His helpers

Exodus 28-31 No matter where we are or what we are called to do, we need those extra hands to assist us. Some are gifted to pray, others to do manual work, others to be those silent and humble assistants behind the scenes. God had set aside Aaron in eternity past to be his priest along with his sons. Three times God says that Aaron and his sons are to minister to Him as His priests. [Ex 28:1;29:1;30:30].

As our wise God, He also chose assistants for Aaron and his sons; Bezalel and Oholiab. He anointed them with the Spirit of God in understanding in knowledge, all kinds of craftsmanship. He placed in their hearts and in their minds the instructions for making the holy garments as well as the instructions for making the holy Tabernacle. Together these two would lead in the building of the Tabernacle and making the holy woven garments for Aaron and his sons.

Just as then, so today, God has prepared the Bezalel’s and the Oholiab’s to assist each of us in some way. Will you stop and praise God for them and pray specifically that they are a Joseph, a man of purity, and a Daniel, who resolved not to defile himself?   Would you pray a blessing over them?

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