Behind the Scenes

God works behind the scenes

Exodus 35-37 God Calls, Gifts, and Anoints

In the tale of the Wizard of Oz, the wizard was orchestrating “behind the scenes” to get the Emerald City just the way he wanted it. God works behind the scenes and we often don’t know who or what is happening. Yet, He is in the business of calling, anointing, and using people for the work of the ministry. Perhaps Bezalel learned how to fashion raw materials back in Egypt as they worked to make beautiful things for Pharaoh. Perhaps they were part of the workforce or one of the Israelite foremen. [Ex. 5]

We may not know who those workers may be just as Moses didn’t know, but then God revealed Bezalel and Aholiab to him. God had been moving in their hearts that they might be prepared. We don’t know about their former lives, but perhaps they were trained in Egypt to prepare beautiful things for Pharaoh. Now God will use those skills and anoint them by the Spirit of God to be artisans, designers, and workers of precious metals for the work of the Tabernacle. God is the one who gifts each person. He gifted the artisans to build the Tabernacle.

Just as God uses His Word to teach, reprove, correct and train us in righteousness [2Tim. 3:16] He also has orchestrated events in our lives so we are being prepared to be useful workers in His kingdom work. You may not see yourself as a Bezalel or Aholiab yet God has been preparing you. Take a moment and ponder what God has been doing in your life and thank Him for the skills you have been given for His work.

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