Rules for Holiness

Study to know

Lev 19-21 God’s “do’s and don’ts” seem a bit outdated today, but when we look at them through the lens of God’s Word, we see the practical and the wisdom. For example: Do you like leftovers? Cold leftovers are unappetizing, but heated ones remind us of the first meal when it was tasty and lovely to behold. God reminded the Israelites that leftovers could be appetizing, but after the third heating, toss them! Why? Without refrigeration, they spoil.

After each set of rules, God signs His name: I am the Lord, I am Jehovah. So he is saying, I am the authority, and for Me to bless you, you must do it my way, even down to the simple rules about leftovers!

God’s rules are simple and wise because holiness is easy when we are a pure people. Therefore, God desires that we study His Word, follow, serve, and love His way.

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