Purity and Righteousness

Be holy

Lev 16-18 Two principles reign supreme: the life is in the blood, [Lev 17:14], so do not partake of the blood of any animal. Secondly, do not celebrate what God calls abominable. [Lev 18:2-4]

Over and over, God speaks to holiness and righteousness to His people. They were to be a holy people, set apart for Him. They were going to the Promised Land, which at this time was polluted by the abominable sins of the people living there, which He lists so there is no excuse for not knowing, which reminds us of Rom. 1:20 “they are without excuse.” God is specific about the very sins He calls perversions because they taint the purity and righteousness He not only desires but demands.

Why is God so definitive? Because He wants a people to be holy as He is holy. Where am I not pure and need to offer my prayers for forgiveness?

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