The Spirit of Wisdom pt 3

Yay Women

Exodus 35 Both Moses and Paul honored people who had the spirit of wisdom. “The most remarkable thing about this section of Exodus is the emphasis on women. Women are mentioned four times in the paragraph (35:22, 25, 26, 29).” [1]In Exodus 35:25-26, the women are honored for their skill in weaving. They were gifted artisans who could spin yarn, and it was they that wove the thread for the Temple veil, and they used their skill to weave the yarns needed for the curtains and the garments of the priests. Not only that, but they were skilled in dying these yarns in blue, purple, and scarlet. Vs. 26 notes that they were stirred with wisdom. It was the beauty of their weaving of these materials. They did as their hearts dictated what was needful at the moment.

Solomon honored the virtuous woman who “extended her hands to the spool, and her hands grasped the spindle.” Prov 31:13. Dr. Luke praised Dorcas for her care of producing garments for poor women. [Acts 9:36]

Paul prayed that the Father would endow the Ephesians with the spirit of wisdom. [Eph 1:17] so that they would be gifted to be skillful artisans in the craft God had given to them for the church and its people.
Where has God gifted you, and are you using it for His glory as these women did?

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