The Spirit of Wisdom pt. 4

Spend time with God

Exodus 34, 36-38
To do the work of God, we must spend time in His presence. Moses spent time on the mountain with God, and when he returned, his face shone so much that the people were afraid, and he had to put a veil over his face. Does my face shine when I leave God’s presence so that others see that my countenance is changed?

Moses is told that God has called and anointed one man with the spirit of wisdom to lead the building of the Tabernacle. Bezalel will be like the chief commanding officer skilled in working gold, silver, and bronze. He is not only the architect but is also the one who is given the wisdom to lead a team of men to do the work.

Today may I spend time in the presence of God so others see my “shining” face. May God direct those men who are skilled to lead this ministry. Today, we have churches, not Tabernacles, but we need men to lead and guide us. Pray for those in leadership to be filled with the spirit of wisdom. Pray for them that they spend time with God to have their countenances changed as well.

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