Compromise’s Consequences


Gen 19-21 God established boundaries for the land and for the people. In fact, after the colossal blunder of Adam and Eve and their compromise regarding God’s established boundary, He graciously put angelic forces at the entrance lest they seek to return.

Fast forward to these chapters in Genesis, and we see that men often compromise to suit their preferences. It only takes one step to make the next easier. It is like ignoring a crack in a wall and putting off the correction, thinking no more significant damage will happen. Unlike Joseph, who determined, “How could I do such a great evil and sin against God,” [Gen 39:9] Lot compromised his integrity. Lot decided to look with his eyes just as Eve had. That one step led to him moving from the land where his sheep were grazing to the city of Sodom. He then became part and parcel of that city. Then Lot offered his daughters to enraged men, and later his drunkenness led to incest. Did Lot realize what he had done? It seems he did [2Pet 2:7], yet just as with us, the sin of compromise has consequences that we often don’t realize until too late, just like the crack in the wall.

Even in this sordid tale, we see that God honored the prayer of Abraham to save the righteous. [James 5:15]  How often does God do that for us? Do you have an Abraham praying for you, so you do not compromise your godly principles?

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