Walking in the Sand

A walk in the sand

Gen 16 to 18  Take a walk in the sand and then try to retrace your steps, and you will find it nearly impossible. The stories of these biblical characters are like our steps in the sand.

 Abram follows God to Canaan but fails to trust Him in a famine. In Egypt, Abram lies about Sarai to Pharaoh. One of the things God hates most is a lying spirit. [Prov 6:17] He is sent away with great wealth and a servant but was it worth it? Next, Abram had just spent an extended time with God and received the promise of a child from his loins, so why did he allow himself to take Hagar as a concubine/wife?   Sarai must have had a persuasive argument, is all we can surmise. We often try to convince ourselves that our way is better than God’s.

 When we circumvent God’s plans using human wisdom, nothing good comes from it. [James 3:15] Instead, God’s wisdom is from above and is beyond our comprehension. Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights [James 1:17]

 Are you still trying to retrace your footsteps in the sand?

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