Angels or Christ?

Angel or Christ

Hebrews 1-4 It is Christmas time, and we spend exorbitant amounts of money to decorate our homes with Christmas trees. Usually, but not always, we place an angel at the tip-top. In reading these chapters, the early believers did much the same in their worship by elevating angels over Christ. He wrote to remind them that angels are merely ministering spirits. They are NOT the Son.

Over and over, as we have read the letters to the early believers, we have seen that the NT authors repeatedly remind their readers to stand firm and elevate Christ! The unknown author of Hebrews continues that train of thought; Christ must always be pre-eminent. He, not angels, came to earth to die for the people’s sins so that He could be their High Priest! He warns them to stand firm and not to harden their hearts. Did they, and do we get the point? Angels are ministering spirits; they are NOT the Son.

This Christmas, do I keep Christ first? When I look at my tree, do I see an angel there just as decoration? Is Christ first?

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