The Holy Spirit and Christmas

1Cor 12 It is December, and that means Christmas is coming! God gave us the best Christmas gift ever when He sent His Son Jesus. But, God also plans ahead and He had your name on a special gift; the Spirit to reside with you FOREVER AND EVER! Jesus said: “I will ask the Father, […]

Myth or Truth?

Advent Series: 1Timothy Recently a friend received a note saying Christmas is just a man-made myth copied from earlier mythologies. Where did these ideas come from? We don’t need to go back very far to find evidence of these ideas. Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to John Adams saying that in the not too distant […]

Tick Tock….

Revelation 16 “Tick Tock….” ‘You are just—the one who is and who was, the Holy One—because you have passed these judgments, they got what they deserved.’ Does God take pleasure in this? NO! The answer is found from the pen of Ezekiel: “Do I actually delight in the death of the wicked, declares the sovereign […]