The Daunting Task Clarified

Wisdom for the task

Titus 1-3 Paul chose wisely those men that would carry on after his departure. He called both Titus and Timothy his sons in the faith. He had trained them well, and now he was passing the torch to them to lead the churches in Ephesus and on Crete. They were both young in years, and Paul reminded both not to let others despise their youth. He left them with a daunting task to lead and choose leaders to lead the next generation. They needed wisdom and discernment to choose as well discerning women and bondservants, so he gave them the traits that would be required. Paul left nothing to chance but listed those traits that would strengthen the church and be guidelines fo the future. Today, it is hoped we follow those same wise principles.

Is your church following the guidelines that Paul left Titus and Timothy? Is your church strong because you have strong leadership? Do we also have our ears to the ground, so to speak, to discern those who desire not godliness but only monetary gain? Today stop and pray for the leaders in your churches. Pray that they choose the next set of leaders wisely following Paul’s counsel.

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