Wavering or Steadfast?

keep praying

2 Timothy 1-4 As Paul sat in chains in a darkened cell, his thoughts were not on himself but on those he had led to Christ. He recalled that some were steady, and others were wavering. He also was well aware of his protégé Timothy’s strengths and weaknesses. In addition, he was also discerning the ways of the evil intentions of Emperor Nero. Because of all of this, Paul knew that his time was drawing near to facing the end of his life. Therefore, he wanted to encourage Timothy as Ephesus’s new and young pastor.  He reminded him of three precious gifts he had been given: power, love, and a sound mind. That latter one will help him face the enemy’s tactics lest, as James says, he wavers like the sea. God knows the hearts of men, so don’t get in a dither about others; you remain faithful even if others are faithless. Spend your energy on those walking the path of God, and let God take care of the others. Your job is to be gentle, teach others the truth, be patient, and humbly correct those who are in error.

Who am I praying about today? Who is wavering and needs a message of encouragement to remain steadfast?

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