God is a Promise Keeper; Are we?

God is promise keeper

Psalm 68:5-6 God the Father

Somewhere in our world there are homes without fathers. Children are left fatherless because of reasons too many to understand. These will grow up without that manly presence that God instituted to guide, protect and lead. Our world is sadly in need of godly fathers and men who will do what God intended.  

The psalmist seems to understand that problem and he notes that God has promised that He will be a father to the fatherless. He will be the husband to the widow. He will be the companion to the single. Today as we see hearts shattered because of the families who are in desperate need of leadership and companionship, we can trust that God will be there but also it teaches us that as covenant believers it is our duty to meet the needs as God leads. 

Where can we meet the needs of widows? Where can we be a friend or companion to the single? Where can we meet the needs of families who have no man? 

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