Sharing your life story


Psalm 71 and 78 The psalmist is writing from his perspective of being “old and gray.” His words resonate with the aged, and he wants us to know that until one leaves this earth, God has work for us to do. Senior citizens have much to offer the younger generation about the lessons gleaned from trials to blessings. We must purposefully choose to take time to sit with them and share our life story.   How many years are there between you and the next generation–twenty or even fifty? Time is fleeting, and memories soon will be lost. We must begin to tell the next generation about the beauty of walking with God.

He has one request of the Lord. His prayer is that God allows him to remain until he tells the next generation about God’s strength and power. What is your prayer? Do we choose to tell about His praiseworthy acts, strength, and the amazing things He has done? Do we choose to teach and speak of His splendor and tell about His marvelous deeds, power, and majesty?

What is your prayer for this day? Don’t waste this opportunity! Prepare now to tell your story.

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