Let God be the Healer

God is the healer for shattered hearts

Ps 43 Self Talk when Troubled

Today many are what we call the “walking wounded.” They are wounded by others, by illness, by tragedies beyond our ability to understand the “why’s.” These are those whose hearts are shattered. The psalmist falls into that category. Some may turn to outside sources for escape or healing, but the psalmist shows us the true healing path. It lies in turning to God. He is the source of our strength, He is the light that illuminates our understanding, and He is the true faithful Father who will not abandon us.

Satan has his minions that work for him to send his arrows of hurt into our souls, and we, like the psalmist, ask why. If God is, as he says, the source of his strength, why is he mourning, why is he upset, why is he depressed. Sometimes, like Job, there is no answer. But, one thing we can be sure of God is the light source that will illuminate understanding. So, the psalmist turns to God with songs of praise.

Today if your heart is shattered and you wonder why, take a page out of the psalmist’s diary and turn to God in praise…even if you do NOT understand the reason. Let God do the healing.

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