Are you Rule Oriented or God Oriented?

Mark 3, Luke 6, Matt 12:1-21 As Jesus went through Israel, he met those who were seeking help in many areas: physical, emotional, and spiritual. Some who followed Jesus were without hope, but some who followed Him were seeking to destroy Him for this reason: he “worked” on the Sabbath. As he entered the synagogue, […]

True Friends are Hard to Find

Mark 2 Jesus has been about His Father’s business as he walked about Galilee. One thing is certain, Jesus made friends easily and not only listened but then acted if there was a need. How often do we listen but not meet the needs of others? A sign of a true friend is one who […]

Let God be the Healer

Ps 43 Self Talk when Troubled Today many are what we call the “walking wounded.” They are wounded by others, by illness, by tragedies beyond our ability to understand the “why’s.” These are those whose hearts are shattered. The psalmist falls into that category. Some may turn to outside sources for escape or healing, but […]

Spiritual Healing for Spiritual Leprosy

Lev 13, Matt 8 “Unclean and Clean” Over the last year and a half, we have experienced the stigma of being “unclean” regarding the pandemic. There has been a public outcry to be vaccinated and how to handle this to protect others. In some way, this scenario is much like what Hansen’s disease or leprosy […]

Forgiveness Heals Two Wounds

I am sure you have met people who report their lack of attendance at the house of God on worship days because “there are hypocrites there.” Welcome to the neighborhood, we are all hypocrites in one shape or other. We offend because we fail to think, we judge because we feel we are superior in […]

A Day in the Life of Jesus.

Ever wonder what a day was like for Jesus? Matthew 14 gives us a glimpse. First he received some news that caused him to change plans and move on across the Sea of Galilee due to Herod’s suspicions regarding Him. Also, Jesus needed time to grieve at hearing the news of John’s death. But, then […]

I Would See Jesus…..Matthew 9

Matthew has us walk with him as the “Son of Man” encounters those who are in need of healing (disease-death-demon possession). Not only does the “Son of Man” encounter those who need physical healing but those who are in need of spiritual healing. One of the keys that is noted in this chapter is the […]