Beware of the Winking Eye!

Proverbs 10 One can learn much from the eye. The Proverbs author reminds the reader that a winking eye or the shifty eye reveals a scheming person who seeks to move from thinking a terrible deed to executing that deed by signaling the plan to unscrupulous companions. The expression “winks the eye” refers to secret […]

James 2 “WWJD?”

Have you ever encountered someone who said: “You are a hypocrite and churches are filled with hypocrites—that is why I do not go there.” That word hypocrite conjures up and inflame emotions. As we hear that we are hypocrites we must stop and ask: How did they come to that conclusion and is their conclusion […]

Forgiveness Heals Two Wounds

I am sure you have met people who report their lack of attendance at the house of God on worship days because “there are hypocrites there.” Welcome to the neighborhood, we are all hypocrites in one shape or other. We offend because we fail to think, we judge because we feel we are superior in […]

Living Righteously in the Body of Christ.

Romans 14 always brings to forefront tears for me as I see the Body of Christ being torn asunder with differing opinions. I have to step aside and ask is there a grain of truth in this ounce of criticism and if so in light of eternity is this something I need to alter in […]