A Day in the Life of Jesus.

ImageEver wonder what a day was like for Jesus? Matthew 14 gives us a glimpse. First he received some news that caused him to change plans and move on across the Sea of Galilee due to Herod’s suspicions regarding Him. Also, Jesus needed time to grieve at hearing the news of John’s death. But, then a crowd of the hurting called for an impromptu picnic lunch for just a few—5000+ courtesy of a little boy whose Mama prepared a paper sack of fishes and loaves of bread. He willingly shared what he had and there were 12 baskets left over! Imagine his story when he returned home! Sensing the people wished to make him the “bread king” Jesus sends the disciples away and climbs the near mountain to converse with His Father.  On the 4th watch, between 3 and 6 a.m., Jesus descends the mountain and walks on the water to his disciples who are rowing for their life and getting nowhere. As he arrives near the boat their fears surface and they think they have seen a ghost. Impetuous Peter’s faith is tested and Jesus rescues him from the stormy sea.   And lastly, Jesus goes to Gennesaret and his healing ministry resumes.

When I look at my day and His day I wonder where he got the energy to meet each and every need!

Jesus used every opportunity in His day to meet the needs of others, and through each one teaches us important biblical principles. Jesus was teaching his disciples and us to see every interruption as a divine opportunity to serve others and in turn serve God. Think of every interruption as God’s test to see if we are ready, willing and able to do His work. Being alone with God teaches us that if Jesus needed to spend time in prayer we need to do it all the more! Also, Jesus was teaching the disciples that faith overcomes fear therefore we should be stop being afraid, He has promised to be with us and never to leave us.  

Guess I need to get busy…what is next on Your agenda for me Jesus?

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