God's Mighty Men
Remember the movie Braveheart? Men joined a mighty warrior to free his land of the oppressor. In some ways, 1Chron. 10-13 tell a similar story. David is the Braveheart character freeing his nation of the rebels that were godless. The chronicler tells of those who snuck into the land of the Philistines and took the body of King Saul after his defeat and buried it with honors. Others captured the city of Jerusalem and anointed David as the new king in Hebron. As a result, David became greater and greater, for the Lord of hosts was with him. [1Chron. 11:9] The chronicler continues to tell of the exploits of these mighty men of valor who supported David to build his kingdom, and the Lord blessed them. Three, in particular, stood out as men who went to Bethlehem and got a flask of water for David, but he poured it out because they had risked their lives to give him this precious gift. [1Chron. 11:15-19]  David grew greater and greater as the leader of His people and the Spirit of God anointed some with a perfect or brave heart. God has called us as His followers to be the Braveheart characters and bring the gospel to those who do not know Him? Will you be among the anointed ones of God? Will you be one of the mighty men of valor?

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