Family Records

Family History

1Chronicles 1-3 Some people love digging into the past to find those who came before us.  The Chronicler loved doing that as well, but his purpose was to give those returning from the Babylonian captivity a foundation that they had not had for seventy years!  Would that we be such diligent people!  In many ways, this record must have been quite comforting to these returnees as they looked about the destroyed city of Jerusalem and the destroyed Temple—the only vestiges of their past.  Today we watch the destruction of Ukraine and our hearts ache for those who leaving as they recall the Holocaust nearly 75 yrs. ago.  They ask why we have not lived up to the slogan “Never Again!” Could it be that the Israelite returnees thought the same?

Today take time to recall some of your past and give God the glory even though some of the history is not pleasant. God’s heart hurts too for some of the past but remember this: He will one day wipe away every tear from our eyes. [Rev. 21:4]

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