Check with God always!

Seek God's ways

2Sam 5-8 All-–note that word: “ALL” the tribes came to David in Hebron and designated David as king in Israel.  They acknowledged that God had chosen David.  They noted that they were kinsmen; they acknowledged that God had directed David to lead them in the times of Saul; also God had anointed him to do His work and to be shepherd over Israel and to rule over Israel.  [2Sam 5:2] Thus, the nation agreed and solidified the kingship of David.

David foreshadowed that one day the true Shepherd, the Good Shepherd, the Lord Himself, will shepherd His people.  [Jn. 10:11]

David went forth and conquered the enemies around them, including Jerusalem.  But, David also learned that stepping out ahead of God and not inquiring of Him can lead to disastrous consequences.  Just because you want to do something does not say you can do it in ‘your’ way.  David’s motives were right, but he failed to inquire of the Lord or the priests about how the Ark was to be carried.  The Ark began to tumble along the way, and Uzzah reached up and touched it and died.  God is clear: No one is to touch the Ark, for it is God’s presence.

Where are we stepping out ahead of God?  Where are we not stopping to inquire as to His way?

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