God Gives Us Choices

God gives us choices

2Sam 9-12 Pay close attention to these stories God has placed here for us as He gives us choices by placing circumstances by which we will choose His way or our way.

King David sought to honor his oath to Jonathan by providing for his family after his death. Thus, David locates Jonathan’s son, Mephibosheth who is handicapped, and provides a safe place for him in the palace. In addition, David honors Jonathan by retrieving Saul’s land; placing Ziba over it to plant and harvest.

But, also, David finds that no matter what you do, whether good or evil, the enemy will seek to humiliate you. This came about when David sought to honor Hanun, the son of the Ammonite king who had passed on. The Ammonites didn’t see good but evil and humiliated his men by shaving off their beards. David could have retaliated but he forgave.

Then the story of David and Bathsheba is always troubling and reminds us of that verse in Num. 32:23. You may try to hide your sin from God, but He will reveal it one way or another. Although sin can be forgiven, the consequences are ever before us.

God places these chapters here for us to challenge us about making choices. Do we honor oaths? Do we retaliate when humiliated?  Do we choose to be like Moses, who chose NOT to enjoy sin’s fleeting pleasures, [Heb 11:25] or choose to be like David, whose choice of adultery led to squandering his kingdom?

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