Bless others and you will be blessed

Bless others

Deut 23 “Be Creative as you Love Your Neighbor.”

Both Moses and Jesus taught us that we are to love God with all our heart, soul, and strength, and secondly, love our neighbor as ourselves. Paul taught the Thessalonians that same principle; meet the needs of those who are your brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ.

Moving beyond the inner circle, God taught ancient Israel that if one became hungry while walking to the next destination, they were allowed to enter a neighbor’s vineyard and eat as many grapes as needed, but they were not to collect any grapes for another time. Jesus and the disciples followed that principle. Later, the Pharisees said that it would be considered work, not what is needed if it happened on a Sabbath. God did not say only six days a week but anytime. Be careful of adding to God’s word.

Be creative today as you go about your busyness. Stop and look where God might be working, and you can be His servant.

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