Forgive us Father.

Forgive us Father

Deut 26-28, Matt 10:33 If you deny Me, I will deny you

Across our world, we are seeing men flagrantly disobeying God’s commands. They are rattling their swords with words of what will be done in retaliation if you stand in their way. All of this is happening because the people of God have forsaken Him and His clear commands. God clearly and succinctly told His children what to do to be blessed and what will happen if they “stick a finger in his eye.” And as it happened before so it may just happen again. God sent them into captivity in Babylon to the Holocaust to now when the Jews are scattered everywhere.

But that doesn’t leave us innocent just because we are Gentiles. We, too, are held to the same standard. If we want God to bless our nation, we must obey His Word. But, we are guilty before Him. When a man stands in the oval office and blatantly hires a man who dresses like a woman and blatantly acts contrary to God’s Word for purity and righteousness, the nation will suffer because we have turned a blind eye to sin. This is a reminder of Gal 6:7 God will not be mocked; what you sow, you will also reap.

Oh Father, raise up men of God to speak! May we humble ourselves and beg your forgiveness.

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