Are you Spiritually Blind?

Are you spiritually blind or free?

John 9 and 10 The blind is made to see the “seeing” remain blind.

Will the religious leaders relinquish their man-made rules to believe? The disciples ask if the man sinned or his parents caused his blindness. Neither was the cause, but he “is” blind so that the works of God might be made manifest and cause men to choose the correct answer to this question: “Dost thou believe on the Son of God?” KJV. [Jn 9:35]

The blind man obeyed the instructions of Jesus after receiving the “mud bath” and the “water bath,” and now is seeing. You would think others would stand up and praise God for this miracle but not so. Instead, he is tossed to and fro between his parents, neighbors, and religious leaders. Indeed Solomon was correct to say; the fear of man holds men. They fear men more than God. [Prov 29:25] Truly as Jesus said, they now remain in their sinful state. Jesus is the “Light” of the world, and He is the “Door.” Do you believe this?

 Spiritual Truth: Some are more comfortable in their sin than in the light of seeing spiritual truths.

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