The Faith Kernel is Tested

we are all given a kernel of faith

John 7 and 8 If you plant a kernel of wheat in the ground, it cannot grow without tender care. Nicodemus was given that kernel with the words “you must be born again.” [Jn 3] Now, it is months later, and that kernel of faith has been growing in small incremental steps. Will it pass the test of the doctrine of men? He steps up to the religious leaders whose intent is to kill Jesus and asks them this question: “Our law doesn’t condemn a man unless it first hears from him and learns what he is doing, does it?” [Jn 7:51] But in an instant, he is silenced! “Investigate carefully and you will see that no prophet comes from Galilee!” [Jn 7:52]

How often do we hear challenges to our kernel of faith, and when put on the spot we too are silenced. They were the religious leaders and should have recalled that both Jonah and Nahum were from Galilee and were prophets called by God. But, when you are intent on your way, no amount of evidence will sway you otherwise.

Nicodemus might have been silenced then, but when Christ is crucified, it is he and Joseph of Arimathea who take his body down and place it lovingly in a tomb. Nicodemus’ faith had grown exponentially.

Be sure of this; each faith kernel will be tested. Is your kernel of faith growing?

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