“Dirty Laundry & Fasting”

God asks why do you fast?

Zechariah 1 to 7 The remnant has returned to Jerusalem, but they have carried “old baggage” with them. When we travel, do we take clean clothes or dirty? The dirty laundry that they dragged with them was an unclean heart and mind. They still had wicked hearts that listened but did not heed or apply. They were caught up in the rituals: “Should we weep in the fifth month, fasting as we have done over the years?” [Zech 7] God asks them: “for what were you fasting; for Me or yourselves?” His second question follows: “Should you not have obeyed the words that the Lord cried out through the former prophets…..Just as I called out, but they would not obey, so they will call out, but I will not listen,’

How often do we fall into the same pattern? God sends His prophets, but we do not listen or heed the warning. Our suitcases reek with the dirty laundry of rituals. Listen to God calling:

“return to Me and I will return to you.”

Beloved, there is a step we must follow if we want God’s blessing. It begins not with outward rituals but a cleansing of the heart.

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