Keep Memories Alive

Keep memories alive

Judges 1-3:6 Memories Fade

What do we do to keep memories alive and fresh? We keep diaries, journals, and we rehearse orally. Yet, as so often happens, the succeeding generation, just like today, forgets, and the glory days quickly fade from memory. The Israelites were to enter a time of testing that God allowed. He did this “to test Israel…whether they will keep the way of the Lord to walk in it as their fathers did, or not.” [Judges 2:22]

When the older generation passes on, we want to recall the benefits of their wisdom, so we rehearse that we may glean what insight they left us. That is what the Israelites needed. They needed a new commitment to God and His ways. But as so often the case, the hearts of the people failed and became short-sighted. They forgot how God had protected them. The author of Judges asks us to stop and recall the past, where it was when Joshua died, and what happened after and learn the lessons of a fading memory.  Recall Joshua’s words: you are disobedient children, and what you say, you will not do. How quickly we forget.

Are we sharing the past with our children? Are we teaching them the lessons of the past? Are we asking:  how is this relevant to me today?

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