Beware of Presumptuous Sins!

Beware of presuming

Joshua 22 to 24 Presumptuous sin can lead to disasters. Three hundred years ago, a presumed statement led to over 300 deaths and the destruction of an entire ward of a city. Someone made a statement which led to rumors—but no one checked. That could have been the same story for the two and a half tribes who built an altar of remembrance or memorial as they were leaving the western side of Israel. 

The tribes on the western side presumed without evidence. They instantly made assumptions and readied for war. If it had not been for Phinehas, it would have happened. They jumped to the only conclusion before them; these eastern tribes were apostatizing! How often do we presume and make assumptions without evidence?

Note; all it took was one cool head that prevented war. There is a verse that provides wisdom: “Moreover, keep me from committing flagrant/presumptuous sins; do not allow such sins to control me. Then I will be blameless and innocent of blatant rebellion.” [Ps 19:13]

 Matthew 18:15-18 tells us to go one on one to determine what the problem is. Before you are gearing for war, hear the other side out. How do you respond when you are right before God, but others see it differently?

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