There is a godly remnant!

Isaiah 1-3 Headlines! Are you encouraged or discouraged when reading today’s news headlines? Imagine being Isaiah and being called to be God’s living “newspaper reporter” to the kingdom of Judah. Isaiah was to report the news just as God revealed it, and he did. God noted that the kingdom had fallen far from the ideal […]

The Power of Salt

How often do we fall for the line that “no one cares what I do.” We think our acts and deeds are not being noted. Is that a true statement? In what chapter and verse did you find that? This is what we call the “oh me” syndrome. Beware of that, it is one of […]

There is Bad News and Then There is Good News

Now we enter Romans 11 and Paul continues his argument to draw the Jew into realizing that Jesus was the Messiah and this is why they should believe. He would be willing if he could to offer his own salvation for them. His heart was not only broken but soft as he saw them dying […]