“God Always Leaves a Remnant”

sit silently before the Lord

Zephaniah 1 to 3 A royal prophet to a royal people could be our title for this small book with a mighty message. Instead, this humble prophet chooses not to use his royal influence but to join the peasantry ranks. He was used by God to remind them that when God brings forth his judgment, they need to see themselves as a part of the remnant, which begins with a repentant heart.

Zephaniah reminds the people that unless they move from a stagnant heart to a heart that is alive and well, they will face the same judgments God has planned for idolatrous Judah. It won’t matter if they are of royal blood or not because God looks at every individual’s heart, not their pedigree. Jeremiah had reminded them that His mercies are new every morning; great is His faithfulness, but they must choose. The starting point is the cleansing of their heart, which begins when they choose to be silent before God. Use this time to reflect and repent.

After His judgment,  God will leave in their midst a humble and meek people, a remnant who will find safety in the presence of the Lord. His words will renew them with His love as He shouts for joy over them.

The real question to the people of Judah (and to us) is will we be part of the remnant?

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