Messiah Loves You!

SoS 5-8 The Groom/King comes to seek His bride, but she has not prepared herself for him. (One author said perhaps she has a headache 😉 ) As we read this, we are reminded of the parable of the ten virgins. Five were wise and collected oil for when the groom would come for her, but […]

God is My Protector

Isaiah 30, 43 to 45 Over and over God reminds his children, and in turn, us as well, that He alone is God. It is because He is God, He will and can protect us. Whether it is fire or water, God is there. The children of Israel, upon leaving Egypt saw the wall of water […]


Tumbleweeds are a strange phenomenon.These are plants that seem to have no root and just seem to have lost their anchor. In fact, it is true  that once they have matured and dry, they detach from the mother plant and blow away. Throughout the Bible, we are forewarned to stay close to the source of life, […]