psalm 27 tumbleweeds2Tumbleweeds are a strange phenomenon.These are plants that seem to have no root and just seem to have lost their anchor. In fact, it is true  that once they have matured and dry, they detach from the mother plant and blow away. Throughout the Bible, we are forewarned to stay close to the source of life, God Himself. But, sometimes the tumbleweeds of life, the trials, come tumbling across our path. Which brings us to the question of the day. What kind of theology do you have when the tumbleweeds come floating across your path? Is it the armchair theology where you are comfortable with God as long as you are safely in your recliner letting the world go by? Or do you have an ivory-tower theology where you think of yourself in privileged seclusion from the real world?

  A lot depends  upon your answer. 

The psalmist brings us into real life as he pens the 27th psalm. He seeks to remind us that without God we are like the whirling tumbleweeds, being tossed to and fro much as Paul reminded the Ephesians.  Instead, trusting in God is what grounds him and should us. This is what anchors us to life: Our theology says God is the light of our life, God is our salvation and we are safely tethered to Him. Trials or tumbleweeds come that we might recall the words of Isaiah. Don’t be afraid, when you pass through the waters, I am (present tense) with you, nothing will overwhelm you if your focus is on Me.

The psalmist reminds us that God alone is our protector, He alone is our defense. The tumbleweeds are just a nuisance to reveal His glory as we depend upon Him.

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