Jeremiah’s Alexander Day

Jeremiah 20: Have you ever had one of “those” days when nothing goes right? There is a story about a boy named Alexander whose life seems like that. His day begins with gum getting stuck in his hair, and the rest of his day is all downhill. It really is one of those “Terrible, Horrible, No […]

Hump Day!

Micah 2 How does your worship on Sunday affect your weekday? Are you facing the blahs of ‘hump day?’ Are you weary and looking forward to the weekend?  The Israelites were no different and so Micah asks his audience is God’s patience dwindled or is it exhausted? He answers with these words from God: surely not! […]

The Callous Heart is Softened

Genesis 43-46 What does it take to soften a heart but the separation from loved ones for several years? In those years God has been at work in the heart of Judah and the heart of Joseph. Judah brought great grief to his father Jacob and no amount of consoling brought him relief; Joseph was gone […]