Hump Day!

Micah 1 hump day2a

Micah 2 How does your worship on Sunday affect your weekday? Are you facing the blahs of ‘hump day?’ Are you weary and looking forward to the weekend?  The Israelites were no different and so Micah asks his audience is God’s patience dwindled or is it exhausted? He answers with these words from God: surely not! God is patient and longsuffering and He blesses those who choose to walk uprightly.

Uprightly has the meaning of one whose walk is marked by integrity. If you do a “rabbit trail” through the scriptures you find that principle over and over. In fact, if you read the entire 28th chapter of Deut you will see how God blesses those who choose this path. Also, the psalmist knew that principle: Ps. 18: 25-26; God proves Himself reliable to one who is blameless, Ps 25: 10 the Lord always proves faithful and reliable to those who follow the demands of his covenant.

So although today is “hump day,” be sure of this dear friends, God will continue to bless you who choose His ways 24/7, 365 days a year. Do not become weary in well-doing and remember that a man’s appearance reveals his heart. Hangest thou in there. Be faithful and see the hand of the Lord upon your life.


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