The Callous Heart is Softened

genesis 43 to 36 god at work2aGenesis 43-46 What does it take to soften a heart but the separation from loved ones for several years? In those years God has been at work in the heart of Judah and the heart of Joseph. Judah brought great grief to his father Jacob and no amount of consoling brought him relief; Joseph was gone and he could not be consoled. He gave up all hope so when Judah wanted to take Benjamin to get more grain in Egypt it was the last straw. While that scenario was happening back in Canaan Joseph had sat in the dark of the dungeon until one day God intervened and now he sat second in command.

In each case, we can see by reading these stories that God is the one who orchestrates our days and our times that He will get the glory. He will move heaven and earth to get Judah to repent and to use the dreams He gave Joseph to show Himself true. As bystanders in all of this we listen with the brothers as Judah, having convinced Jacob to take Benjamin with him, now stands before Joseph unaware that he is fulfilling Joseph’s dreams. His repentance is forthcoming and our hearts break with him as he pours forth the story so that the missing years of Joseph’s life are filled in. We weep with Joseph as our hearts are broken for our brother Judah. But we also see how Joseph’s faith has not only strengthened him but gave him hope all these years.

Four times Joseph honors God: God sent me ahead to preserve you. Imagine Judah listening to all of this! You may see yourself wondering how your present trial will turn out.  Hangest thou in there; Romans 8:28 is true! “all things work together for good”  God will be honored in His time and place.

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