Be a Witness!

Isaiah 44 Witness

Today I was struck by this statement in Isaiah 44: 8 “you are my witnesses!” Jesus told us to go into all the world and be His witnesses and Isaiah said that centuries ago! This morning I received another note from our dear friend Ravi who is facing an uncertain future and will have a series of tests in a few days to determine the extent of his discomfort. I gave him that verse and challenged him to be God’s witness to the Dr’s, nurses, etc. and he agreed. How beautifully God has given us such a simple challenge. What is even more important is the fruit that may come from being His witness.

Will I be His witness as well as I go through all of these physical challenges I have been facing. Today the Dr. gave me a head’s up that I am doing so much better. I give God praise!

Where are you being His witness?

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