We say, God help me; God says, I will help

Ps 38 “Life is Sooooo Unfair!”

Life is so unfair, says the psalmist. He knows that his sin was foolish, and now he is facing humiliation. Like us, the psalmist feels the rebuke of God and men. His body and mind are weary, and he wants relief. Sound familiar?

So what is the prescription for these times? First and foremost, do as Jeremiah: “Correct me, O Lord, but with justice; not with Your anger, or You will bring me to nothing.” [Jer 10:24]

As we face these difficult times, we must remember this “there is a grain of truth in every ounce of criticism.” Find it and then become like a deaf mute to the rest. As earlier, the psalmist prayed that God would put a guard over his mouth; now he says, put headphones over my ears.

 The lesson for us is this; sometimes, we feel the depths of loneliness and despair because of our sin. Go to God and pray–hurry and help me. God is ever present and ready to heal our brokenness.

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