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Rev 1-3 John’s Task
Let’s step back into the life of John to the last chapter he penned while walking behind Jesus on the seashore. He was “following” Jesus challenged Peter to follow Him. Peter listened, assured Jesus that he loved him, and then as if perceptively, noted that John was following them. Peter asked Jesus about John, and these words ring from that book: “, “If I want him to live until I come back, what concern is that of yours? You follow me!” [Jn 21:22] Jesus was saying to Peter, don’t let people or circumstances distract you from the mission. John must have heard those words and taken them to heart. As a result, he was the last remaining apostle whom Jesus loved. He was given one last task: write these words to the readers, especially churches. Interestingly, he began with his “home” church in Ephesus, where he had pastored for years after his exile on Patmos. He left them thriving, but Jesus told him they had lost their first love. This takes us back to the gospel of John and the warning: do not become distracted by others or circumstances. Jesus’ words were Follow Me, which is what we are to do.

Do I find myself distracted by others or circumstances? I do, 🙁 a warning to me.

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