Are you/Am I a Hypocrite?

Beware of hypocrisy

Hebrews 8-10 Satan is not picky. He can use the hypocrisy of one to sway our minds not to obey Christ, who is the perfect sacrifice. His tool is to blind not just the unbelieving but also the mind of those who claim to be followers of Christ. He does it by the sin of one to determine our obedience to Christ. The author of Hebrews is warning us not to let the hypocrisy of one or others determine our walk. He forcefully reminds his readers not to fail in their assembling with other believers. In doing so, we trample the perfect sacrifice of Jesus and the Holy Spirit of grace.

How often do we hear I do not attend that or another church because the church is filled with hypocrites? Thus, he asks, are you not also a hypocrite by your judgment of them and your lack of obedience? The author is reminding them the world is looking for faithful believers. When they do not see us obeying, they have no standard by which to know the truth.

Know this principle: He who says he believes should obey to assemble with others of like faith. If you say you believe the Word of God, you should not let the hypocrisy of one determine your obedience. You are called to be faithful, not take on the job of judgment. That is God’s job, not yours.

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