God’s ways are higher than men’s

God can and will use storms

Acts 27-28 God’s Plans are Higher and Greater

Isaiah explained to his listeners that God’s plans are higher and superior to men’s deeds. Men had cautioned the builders of the Titanic to prepare for any disaster, and Paul warned the ship’s captain about sailing away from Crete. Yet, their voices fell upon deaf ears. The Titanic met an iceberg and sank, and many died. The ship Paul was on felt the battering of the hurricane but was saved.

Men are stubborn to listen to reason, and although Paul warned them, the storm came and punished the ship of the proud captain and centurion for two full weeks until they were ready to hear God’s plans for salvation. J.J.Astor and all his accumulated wealth are at the bottom of the Atlantic, but Paul, the crew, and the prisoners were saved alive, just as Paul told them. God can and will use disasters to prepare hearts to hear the salvation story. How many listened to the salvation story and repented on the Titanic? We may never know, but we do know that on Malta, many repented and were saved…even the father of the chief magistrate, Publius.

 Even when men are stubborn, God will use even the harshest circumstances to prepare them to hear the story of the resurrected Christ.

What storm are you in or facing? Are you allowing God to use it to speak of Him to the hearts of others?

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