Seven Words!

May we see Jesus

John 11-13 Jesus brought life to Lazarus, and many believed, but some went to tell the Pharisees. Then, on the last night, Jesus washed the disciple’s feet as an example of humility and servitude. Amid these two stories, some Greeks who had come to worship in Jerusalem find Philip and ask, “Sir, we would like to see Jesus.” [Jn 12:21] Seven words! Did they want to see Him for healing? Did they want to speak to Him? We never know because John alone inserts that statement, and they are never heard of again.

Recently a lady shared with me that she had lost her faith. So I asked permission to pray for her. And that lone incident reminded me that some people come into and out of our lives. Only God knows the reason, why, when, or where but we must be prepared like Philip and, if need be, find another to help them find Jesus.

Oh, would they desire to see Jesus, and may we be ready to take them to meet Him! So listen carefully to anyone who says this because perhaps they are really saying their heart is ripe for His work in their heart.

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