“Street Theater News”

God's message is clear

Ezekiel 4-6 God had used the Babylonians to discipline His errant children because of their sin by taking them to the barren wasteland of Babylon. They longed to return to their homeland and echoed the psalmist when he said: “I am a resident foreigner in this land.” [Ps 119:19] They desperately longed to know what lay ahead as they awoke daily as resident captives under Nebuchadnezzar, who had captured their king and destroyed their beloved city and beautiful Temple. 

Here, they had no newspapers or town criers and the days passed without answers. Finally, out of desperation, they came to Ezekiel to ask: Why are we here? What is happening in Jerusalem? When will we go home? Because their ears were dull and their hearts hard, God had Ezekiel pantomime the Jerusalem news for 430 days! The message was clear: the price of sin is heavy, yet, God’s love for them was far greater. He had not forgotten them. The message was clear: idols will fail you—but His words fell on deaf ears, yet Ezekiel’s pantomime caught their attention: God loved you yesterday and will love you tomorrow; return to God. 

The question remains: Have you heard God’s message repeatedly but refused to repent? God is patiently waiting for you to watch, listen and return. Where are you today in heeding the message? 

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