God is calling; what will we answer?

God calls; what will we answer

Isaiah 4-6 Today, as in the time of Isaiah, what God condemns, the world celebrates. God called out a people group not because they were more numerous than all the other peoples but because they were “precious and special in His sight and He loved them.” [Is 43:4a] He set standards for them to be righteous. Later, King David would ask how they could remain pure and holy. His answer was to hide the Word in their heart so they might not sin against Him. [Ps 119:11 paraphrase]

God chose, and then He placed them in a vineyard with a protective wall about them, yet they produced sour grapes instead of purity and righteousness. So he removed the protection; the enemies came and took the finest to places far away. God allowed it to show them the fruit of rejection. He patiently waited for justice but only got disobedience. He waited for fairness but only got cries for help. They called “evil good and good evil.”  What He condemned, they celebrated—so like today in our fallen world.

He called out, who will go and tell them and Isaiah was the lone voice who said I will go. I will proclaim the truth. If God called you to be His voice would you say like Isaiah: I will go?

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