Deep and Wide

God is like a fountain

Ps 36:5-6 Deep and Wide

These verses remind us of that children’s song “Deep and Wide, there is a fountain deep and wide.”

The psalmist extols the depth and width of God’s love which reaches to the skies. We can send astronauts and spaceships to the moon, but we have never reached the end of this marvelous universe. We can’t ever come to the end of it except by a telescope!  God’s faithfulness reaches to the clouds which we see with the naked eye but we can’t see into the galaxies beyond that. God’s justice is higher than Mt. Everest! His judgments are deeper than the deepest part of the sea where even the robots seek the treasures of the Titanic.

When we go outside to observe the details of our garden we can look up and see little father Cardinal sitting in the boughs singing his sweet song and we marvel and stop and ponder the psalmist’s words.

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